Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar

Everyone wants to make their best day wonderful and memorable. But without good photography it is not possible. Netramani is one of the leading wedding photography in Bhubaneswar, here we at netramani provides you the best photography for your best events. We understand the culture and the sentiments of a traditional Indian wedding. We embrace the idea that it should tell incredible stories with its vibrant colours, loving family moments, and traditional elements.

We understand that as a person everybody thinks about their wedding day at least once, about how they want everything to be, starting from the decorations to the food to photos and videos. This is why we always consider what kind of edits or effects you like to have in your wedding album. It might seem like a small thing but selecting your own edits and effects are much more used these days.

We make sure that the couples are comfortable in their zone. We capture the best natural shots and will help you capture your day and ensure that you end up with an amazing wedding photo album. We have seen it all- weddings in faraway settings, under a tree, Middle of a field, by the beach, by a gurgling river. Each one of the moments is beautiful to us; each one has taught us so much. It’s truly worth to leverage all that experience and make your magical moments come alive.

A set of pictures that captures the deep and true feelings between a couple getting married and the emotions and hope that friends and family feel for them is the holy grail of wedding photography. Wedding photography can be as stressful as it is fulfilling.  To make sure you don’t miss a moment, we’ve put together the best team to help you on your special day.

Are you in the search of best photographer in Bhubaneswar? As we have the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar, Netramani will bring a professional and relaxed approach to your photo shoot with best professional wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar.

We are a team of creative and expert when it comes to proper use of lighting, various camera angles with different lenses, equipment for smooth shooting and solid editing. With our photography techniques, we are in top on wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar.

We're excited to discuss about your photoshoot.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Are you in the dilemma of whether to get a pre wedding photoshoot and video shoot in Bhubaneswar? The pre-wedding shoot is a great way to build some memories and to create chemistry between the wedding couple.

Our photographers have are skilled in pre photo shoots on that emphasis on couple photo shoots which reflects the love between the love in a beauty and elegance way. Pre-wedding candid photography, a beautiful trend, set to make the love birds relive those beautiful moments of their life, over again. For them to look back to those cynosure of life, before stepping up into the new phase of their lives. Capturing the most beautiful moments of your pre-wedding photo shoot moments are what our team excels at.

It has become more of a trend now. It is the best way to introduce you as a couple to your friends and family than through a pre-wedding video shoot. Just give us a call to book your wedding photography in Bhubaneswar.

Weddings in traditional ways are the representation of magnificent grandeur, pomp and several rites and rituals. We Indians enjoy the wedding traditions that lets you bring more colors in the event of wedding. Having done several wedding and pre-wedding photo shoot we know just how to display those cultural elements in your photos. If you wish to do a traditional pre-wedding photo shoot we can help you choose the location that shows the antique vibes of your culture.

The greatness of a pre-wedding album relies on two things. One is whether or not the pictures can tell the couple’s story and the other is how emotions are captured by lens. These pictures have to tell something; about who you are, how you began or where you’re going as a couple.

The days to “Say Cheese” are gone. Our Photographers capture the original you make you remember what you felt at that moment. Netramani Portrait Photography is one of the best wedding photography in Bhubaneswar.

Our pre-wedding photography is about freezing reality in the most artistic way possible. The most wonderful experience for us is to provide a collection of photographs that can make our client’s smile, cry and simply provide precious moments for years to come.


Wedding Videography in Bhubaneswar

When it comes to videography, Netramani have the best videographers in Bhubaneswar. We at Netramani record the special occasion of your life with a video having personalized feelings.

Videography is the art of documenting an event by cinematic style. Netramani produces high-quality wedding films and the studio uses professional equipment including High Definition Cameras, drone video making. Our experienced team of videographers know how to use it from years of formal training, filming Weddings, covering hundreds of live events.

At Netramani Studio, we record high quality videos of every moment on the wedding. We are a team of highly experienced wedding photographers and videographers in Bhubaneswar. With a vast experience in all types of photography and offers unique, high-end quality photo coverage for all kinds of special occasions.

We pride ourselves in providing clients with the best services and premium quality according to their requirements. On your special day, we capture frame and the moments that can best tell your story. We capture the memories in the camera of your special moments which will remain with you.